Indicators toolkit | Introduction

The Low-Carbon Indicators Toolkit, developed under the RSC project, is a complex and comprehensive tool for stakeholders from European regions who need to work with low-carbon indicators in the policy-making process. This toolkit is designed to provide assistance in the complicated task of identifying, selecting, measuring and reporting on such indicators.

Toolkit users will be able to:

  • find guidelines on low-carbon growth and the use of indicators (including selection principles, development methodology and categorisation) to assist them in creating new indicator sets or reviewing existing sets;
  • read about existing indicator-related initiatives at international, national, regional and local level that can be adapted to their needs;
  • browse a thematic list of low-carbon indicators and select from among them to create their own unique indicator set;
  • assess and monitor the effectiveness of their policies via a simple questionnaire; and
  • gain inspiration from good practice examples in European regions and elsewhere to improve existing policies.


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