Regions for Sustainable Change

Showing the way to a low-carbon future for European regions

Regions for Sustainable Change (RSC) is a partnership of 12 organisations from eight EU member states. Through regional cooperation, the project aims at promoting an EU-wide shift to climate-friendly economies and seeks to identify opportunities for, and the costs and effects of, moving to a low-carbon economy.

The focus of the project is to provide regions with the methodological means to move towards economies with minimal GHG emissions by integrating all aspects of the economy around technologies and practices with low emissions. As the RSC partnership brings together regions at different levels of preparedness to tackle climate change, the partners are willing to learn from one another, to exchange experiences, and to share the results of their efforts during the three-year project.

The project was launched in October 2008 and is co-funded by the EU programme INTERREG IVC.



Partner regions

The three-year RSC project was officially closed on December 31, 2011. This project website will stay online for a further five years, as required by the EU INTERREG IVC programme. Although no updates will be made during this period, all the project materials will remain available under the Outputs and Resources menus.

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